The Bugatti Baby II has never been an affordable toy – even in its very base form, it cost around $35,000. In the world of Bugatti owners, however, this isn’t a big figure and the French automaker decided it could make an even more exclusive and expensive scaled-down supercar. The Carbon Edition of the Baby II is here as possibly the most expensive toy car we’ve ever seen – and also the absolutely most impressive one.

The vehicle takes inspiration from the Bugatti Mistral – the swan song of the company’s 8.0-liter W16 engine found under the hood of the world’s fastest roadster. Once again Bugatti worked together with The Little Car Company to create the Carbon Edition and the two firms used “an advanced carbon fiber architecture” to build the car. The Baby II Carbon Edition is strictly limited, however – you can only buy it if you own a Mistral but in that case, Bugatti will assemble the small car according to your own specifications.

Gallery: Bugatti Baby II Carbon Edition

Visually, the Carbon Edition looks very similar to the regular versions of the Baby II, though there’s a mix of black paint and visible carbon fiber for certain components. You can even have the side of your toy car hand-painted with the French flag if you feel like giving Bugatti’s home country honors. The round headlights look vintage but actually hide horizontal LED lighting elements as a design tribute to the Mistral.

The Bugatti Baby II was unveiled for the first time in 2019 as a tribute to the original Bugatti Baby build in 1926. It was a 75 percent scale version of the Bugatti Type 35, which was limited to just 500 examples. There’s no word of mechanical improvements to this new Carbon Edition, which likely means you can have it in one of three available versions (if you own a Mistral, of course). The range-topping Baby II has an electric powertrain with a 2.8-kWh battery and an electric motor with an output of 13.4 hp (10 kW). This power should be enough to reach a top speed of 42 miles per hour (70 kilometers per hour).

And now about the price. Bugatti says the new Baby II Carbon Edition is priced at €80,000 plus taxes and shipping, which translates to roughly $84,500 with the current exchange rates. The scale vehicle is described as “the ultimate collector’s item for those lucky Mistral owners.”

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