Ram is the last major automaker from Detroit to add an electric pickup truck to its internal-combustion lineup. Or rather, it will be when the production version of the Ram 1500 Revolution BEV concept becomes reality. But before that can happen, we need to see the concept.

To hold you over until the concept debuts, we created an exclusive rendering based on the plethora of teaser images released from Ram over the last year. In fact, the most recent teaser from December 6 played a vital role in capturing some last-minute detail for the front of our unofficial interpretation. It's important to note that we do utilize some creative liberty here, as the teasers thus far have been sparse with content. But when the covers lift, we're expecting to see something much like this.

What Does It Look Like?

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Very early sketches from 2021 showed a futuristic truck with a slanted C-pillar at the back of the cab, and narrow headlights mounted above a massive lower fascia at the front. The design has evolved since then, with headlights surrounded by daytime LED strips that adopt a similar look to the current Ram 1500. Bold RAM branding in the middle of a solid grille lights up, and though there's no engine to feed, the front of the truck should retain a beefy, bulky appearance.

Further back, sharply creased body lines will grace the fenders and bed sides. The concept will feature small cameras for side mirrors, and the most recent teaser showed black A-pillars with a black roof and a black dome on the hood. Similar to the Chevrolet Silverado EV, the cab sits further forward with a shorter front clip. The slanted C-pillar is still there, though the angle isn't as sharp.

Ram Revolution Rendering Close
Ram Revolution Rendering Close

What's Under The Hood?

You won't find a Hemi between the fenders, or any internal combustion engine. That space will likely be utilized for storage, unless Ram has something interesting in mind. Given the utilitarian nature of trucks, it's extremely unlikely that Ram will simply seal it shut like the Mercedes EQC.

Of course, under the hood is a reference to the powertrain and on that front, there's not much to go on other than it will be electric. A dual-motor arrangement is likely, though given Ram's propensity for power, a tri-motor layout could be offered as well. For comparison, the Ford F-150 Lightning delivers up to 580 horsepower (433 kilowatts), and the Chevrolet Silverado EV reaches all the way to 754 hp (562 kW) in top trim. Ram CEO Mike Koval Jr. previously said the Ram Revolution will outperform its competitors in areas such as towing and hauling. As such, it's reasonable to expect similar power outputs to Ford and Chevy EVs, if not more.

Ram Revolution

The Ram Revolution is rumored to use Stellantis' STLA architecture. It's a scalable platform that can accommodate batteries good enough for 500 miles of range. We've heard nothing as to whether such batteries will be offered in the truck, but we do know Ram has pledged to fill it with all kinds of advanced technology.

When Will We See It?

Ram has confirmed the 1500 Revolution BEV concept will debut on January 5, 2023, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. It's billed as a near-production concept, and while there isn't word on exactly when the production truck will arrive, Ram has mentioned 2024 on numerous occasions.

Ram Revolution Concept Motor1 Rendering
Ram Revolution Concept Motor1 Rendering

How Much Will It Cost?

When Ford launched the F-150 Lightning, the company highlighted a base price under $40,000 but that has since risen to nearly $50,000. The Silverado EV currently advertises a base price of around $40,000 though it will top $100,000 in RST trim. The Lighting also reaches six figures in max trim. It's unlikely Ram will mention price points when the concept debuts, but production trim levels should be priced in line with its crosstown rivals.

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