Mercedes-Benz introduces two Marco Polo concepts for turning the EQT electric van into a camper. One of them is a full conversion, and the other has a simple, removable module for folks who just want to spend a little bit away from home. 

The silver van in the gallery has an interior overhaul to make it a camper. The rig uses the forthcoming long-wheelbase EQT as a starting point and adds a pop-up roof panel. With this piece extended, there's room for occupants to stand up in the vehicle. A sleeping area measuring 77.56 inches (1.97 meters) by 38.2 inches (0.97 meters) is up there, and zip-out windows provide a view of nature.

Gallery: Mercedes-Benz EQT Marco Polo Concept

The pop-up roof also has a solar panel. There's a removable battery in a drawer that occupants can use, rather than draining the pack that runs the motor, which would reduce the van's range.

In the lower area, there's a fold-out mattress that's 78.74 inches (2 meters) by 45.28 inches (1.15 meters). A bench creates a sitting spot on one side even when the bed is deployed. For privacy, the windows darken at the push of a button.

The kitchenette includes a sink, induction cooktop, and a refrigerator box. A removable, gas camping stove is in a drawer if you'd prefer to prepare a meal outside. A fold-out table is electrically height-adjustable.

A production version of this van is coming in the second half of 2023.

Mercedes-Benz EQT Marco Polo Concept

The blue EQT in these photos is the short-wheelbase model and previews the Marco Polo Module. There are two sections to it. The sleeping area comes standard, and a kitchen unit is an additional option. The pieces attach to the tiedown eyelets in the luggage compartment and are removable.

The bed unit has a fold-out mattress that measures 78.74 inches (2 meters) by 45.28 inches (1.15 meters). When stowed, the rear seats are fully usable. The package comes from blackout covers for the windows so that occupants can sleep in privacy.

The kitchen unit adds a 3.17-gallon (12-liter) water tank, a 0.53-cubic-foot (15-liter) refrigerator, and a gas camping stove. There are also two chairs and a table that can mount inside or outside the van.

Mercedes will make the Marco Polo Module available "in the near future," according to the company.

The EQT's powertrain consists of an electric motor making 121 horsepower (90 kilowatts) and 181 pound-feet (245 Newton-meters) of torque. The van comes with a 45-kilowatt-hour battery pack. The model launches in Europe soon for a starting price of around 49,000 euros ($51,595 at current exchange rates).

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