Bugatti has partnered with Champagne Carbon to build a one-of-a-kind wine bottle case. The La Bouteille Sur Mesure is a bespoke case with “near-infinite” customization options, which is sculptured to look like the brand’s high-end models. Customers can get a case that looks like the Chiron, Divo, Mistral, or Bolide.

“These highly individualized and luxurious bottles will be the perfect match to every customer’s hyper sports car,” said  Wiebke Ståhl, Bugatti International’s managing director.

The case is completely customizable, along with the wine bottle and the wine inside of it. Customers will be able to designate not only the case’s exterior color but its interior, too. Several components are available in a variety of colors, just like the company’s cars, allowing people to create a champagne case as bespoke as their own Bugatti.

Gallery: Bugatti La Bouteille Sur Mesure

The new La Bouteille Sur Mesure arrives nearly a year after the automaker revealed its La Bouteille Noire, a 15-liter bottle of Champagne Carbon housed in a sculpted case inspired by the Bugatti La Voiture Noire. It took more than 150 hours to build the case, featuring  314 individual sheets of carbon fiber. The new cases use the same hand-crafted process.

“It is so interesting watching Alexandre Mea and Champagne Carbon generating inspiration from whatever we do at Bugatti – be it the design, the technology, or the materials we use,” Ståhl added.

Taking the case a step further is the optional thermodynamic cooling cell, a technology found in orbiting satellites. It and 15 high-end fans circulate cool air within the case, ensuring the vintage is kept at the optimal temperature.

Customers can customize the case, the carbon-fiber bottle, and the wine inside. Also available is the world’s first photo-luminescent carbon-fiber bottle. The bottle pours up to 150 glasses of champagne.

The Chiron, Divo, Bolide, and Mistral are stunning machines now immortalized as wine bottle cases. Automakers like Bugatti have the pedigree for offering such uniquely branded goods. A thermodynamically cooled custom wine bottle case isn’t something you see daily from a company that builds cars.

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