Well, it’s official. Ford confirmed today on Twitter that the F-150 Lightning can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour (96 kilometers per hour) in less than four seconds. The automaker didn’t reveal the exact number, but a sub-four-second time puts it on par with a litany of phenomenal sports cars and other performance vehicles. Ford previously estimated the truck’s 0-60 time at around 4.5 seconds.

Having that much performance in a truck like the F-150 is great, but that number is only achievable with the model’s extended-range battery. Ford offers it as an option in the XLT and Lariat trims, starting at just over $80,000. The battery is standard on the Platinum trim.

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When F-150 Lightning production started in April, Ford revealed that the truck would make more horsepower than initially advertised. The rating for the extended-range battery increased from 563 horsepower (419 kilowatts) to 580 hp (432 kW). The standard-range battery jumped from 426 hp (317 KW) to 452 hp (337 kW). The torque rating remained unchanged at 775 pound-feet (1,050 Newton-meters).

All that performance is nice, but the pickup is still facing supply chain issues that are affecting its price, and not in a good way. Earlier this month, the automaker had to increase the truck’s base price by $7,100. That’s a big jump. However, the new price didn’t affect the truck’s status as the most affordable electric pickup on the market, continuing to undercut the Rivian R1T and GMC Hummer EV. The entry-level Chevrolet Silverado EV could pose a threat, with the affordable WT trim going on sale sometime next year.

EVs of all shapes and sizes continue to demonstrate the technology’s performance capabilities. A sub-four-second pickup truck is an impressive feat, even if it is pricey. The F-150 Lightning is still in its first sales year, but they are strong. Ford hopes to stand out from other automakers by making compelling products that generate excitement as consumers seem eager to own the latest technology. They are less interested in efficiency.

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