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The Nissan Skyline often gets the glory when it comes to 1990s Japanese sports cars, but we’ve always had a soft spot for the Z32-series 300ZX. We know we’re not alone on that, especially when it comes to the biturbo version that made 300 horsepower in the States. Yeah, you can get family sedans with that kind of thrust these days, but in 1990 that was something to brag about. Combined with its wide stance and rounded-off wedge design, it was most decidedly a poster-worthy machine.

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It was also worthy of going after a speed record, after some minor modifications of course. That’s exactly what this 1991 Jun Bonneville Nissan 300ZX did back in the early 1990s during the infamous Bonneville Speed Week in Utah, ultimately clocking a record speed of 261.932 mph (421.536 km/h). And you can buy it next month when it crosses the block through BH Auction at the Tokyo Auto Salon Auction.

Jun Bonneville Nissan 300ZX
Jun Bonneville Nissan 300ZX
Jun Bonneville Nissan 300ZX
Jun Bonneville Nissan 300ZX

This 300ZX may look relatively stock, but all the modifications to make this a 260-mph screamer are said to still be in place, save for the extremely tall gearing that would make it difficult for lower-speed street use. As for the rest, Japanese tuner Jun built this beast back in the day to make over 1,000 ps, or 985 hp. Aside from the obvious strengthening upgrades and infusion of boost, a massive surge tank was installed to help with intake efficiency. That explains the very prominent bulge on the hood, while a rear diffuser rounds out the notable aero updates.

The car looks fantastically stock for something that can reach airliner velocity. The listing suggests the car is actually something that can be driven on the street, though it stops short of coming right out and saying it. We’d certainly be a bit timid behind the wheel of this monster, as we doubt it delivers its 985 horsepower in what you’d call a smooth manner.

But yes, we would absolutely love to have a go in this machine. Anywhere, anytime.

Source: BH Auction


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