The Volkswagen Vanagon was a popular van in the '90s. Its compact dimensions made it a viable urban transport, even beyond. But the Vanagon's size didn't hinder outfitters to customize it and turn it into a motorhome.

Case in point: Ruby – a 1990 VW Vanagon converted into a high-roof van that can take its owner anywhere. William Woodward, a professional photographer, has been living full-time in Ruby for over six years, with the van becoming instrumental in his appetite for adventure and exploration.


Woodward stands 6'4" but the modification to Ruby has enabled the van to accommodate his tall frame, including several of his needs to live full-time on the road. The Tiny Home Tours video above will take you on a quick tour of his living situation, including several samples of clever use of minute space.

After updating Ruby two years ago, Woodward was able to install upper shelves and added baskets, wooden boxes, and creative bags for more storage inside the compact motorhome. The extra space also allowed him to shoehorn a self-contained kitchen setup with a sink, a two-burner stove, and fold down cover.

The modifications aren't limited to the interior, though. As mentioned, Ruby can take Woodward anywhere. And that's because it has upgraded tires, while a two-inch lift is available paired up with customized bumpers.

While still not a full-on off-roader, these things enable Woodward to explore remote places and locations needed for his work as a professional outdoor photographer. The exterior design also comes with a box that stores outdoor gear, an extra fuel tank, and a bag with a tow rope.

A quick browse through Woodward's social media platforms shows the places he can reach through Ruby. Based on the Instagram post above, he even appears to have an annual trip to Baja with his Vanagon.

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