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It’s easier than ever to buy the camper that you want. Someone somewhere in the world is likely producing it, and the internet makes it easier than ever to get. But Chesapeake Light Craft has you covered if you want to do things by hand. The company, which has spent 25 years offering DYI wooden boat kits, also offers a wooden teardrop camper you can build yourself.

The basic kit has everything one would need to build the camper, including the plywood mold, the fiberglass, and the epoxy kit. Chesapeake Light Craft made the kit as simple as possible so that even an amateur can complete the camper, shipping pre-cut pieces, and all the necessary mounting hardware. 

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Teardrop campers are perfect for those looking to upgrade from a tent, providing a protected place to sleep and basic amenities. Chesapeake Light Craft offers a handful of upgrades for its camper, including a galley and a storage box – which you must build just like the rest of the camper. The simple galley features a single stove top, a cutting board, and plenty of storage for spices, plates, and other cooking utensils. The company also offers an electrical system that’s housed in the galley.

Inside, the sleeping area is about the size of a queen bed, comfortable for two adults, and capable of accommodating people well over 6-feet tall. Available 12-volt fans, four “mushroom” vents, and a hatch can provide ventilation. A foam liner helps prevent interior condensation, but the cabin is pretty basic. Upgrades include an electrical control panel, interior LED lights, a radio, 12-volt accessory ports, and more.

Chesapeake Light Craft designed the camper to fit on a number of trailers, or you can buy one from the company. One of the more significant upgrades is the integrated cargo carrier that sits underneath the camper. It offers large, pull-out drawers at the back and doors on the side to access the space underneath the camper.

The basic kit regularly retails for $2,995, with the galley and storage box costing an extra $469 and $369, respectively. The integrated cargo carrier is $1,640, and additional components like the interior headliner, roof vent kit with fan, and mushroom vets range from $49 to $365. 

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