There are only 500 Chiron units ever to be made by Bugatti. Out of that number, 300 of them have been built and delivered to their owners since March 2021. One of them comes with an interesting Zebra-like livery, which was spotted in Paris. You can watch the encounter in the embedded video above courtesy of Tim Burton a.k.a. Shmee150.

The Chiron "Zebra" was sitting side by side with an equally interesting supercar, a Porsche 918 Spyder with a Weissach package that wears a similar pattern on its body. Both striped cars have California license plates.


The identity of this one-off Chiron is somewhat of a mystery. It first surfaced in 2019, spotted while still wearing protective films for the badges and some bodywork. While not confirmed, the custom Chiron looks like a successor to the Veyron (see embedded social media post above) that wears the same paintwork, dubbed "Le Saphir Bleu" by its owner.

On the Chiron in the video above, the details are much clearer in the metal. Even the W16 engine covers are painted in the same color, while the seats match the outside scheme. While we understand that this is a polarizing look, it is what it is. The owner of the car has every right to do so.

The bespoke paintwork is called the "Vagues de Lumière." It was made in close collaboration with Bugatti's Sur Mesure team, with intricate hand-painted patterns that mimic the way lights reflect off Chiron Super Sport's body. On the  "Le Saphir Bleu," the breaks on the blue paint are said to represent the reflections in a sapphire.

One of the first Bugatti Chiron Super Sport customer deliveries back in April came with this striped paintwork.

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