The most recent James Bond Film No Time To Die featured Aston Martins from multiple eras. Early in the film, we're treated to an action-packed sequence featuring the OG spy car, the classic DB5. Daniel Craig's Bond utilizes every gadget at his disposal to escape the baddies, leaving the old Aston battle-scarred but functional. That very stunt car recently brought $3.2 million at auction, battle damage and all.

Of course it's not a real DB5. It's a replica built for the movie, but that didn't stop bidders from shelling out more cash than what an original version sells for. While technically a replica, it's one of eight cars built by Aston Martin specifically for the movie, so there is a direct connection to the storied automaker. It also includes functional gadgets like the rotating license plate and pop-out machine guns for the headlights, which makes it even cooler.

Gallery: Aston Martin DB5 Stunt Car No Time To Die

The DB5 was the headlining act of a special Sixty Years of James Bond charity auction held recently at Christie's in London. It wasn't the only Aston Martin on hand, either. A classic 1981 V8 Vantage that was screen-used in No Time To Die sold for nearly $703,000. Representing the modern era, a new DBS Superleggera 007 Edition brought $449,000. All total, the three Bond cars raked in $3.9 million, with it all going to various charities.

"Aston Martin is incredibly proud to be part of James Bond’s DNA and we are delighted to celebrate this 60th anniversary with the sale of a truly unique Aston Martin model that we created for No Time To Die," said Aston Martin Chief Creative Officer Marek Reichman.

The bidding may have been fueled by No Time To Die being Craig's last film in the Bond franchise. He succeeded Pierce Brosnan in the iconic role, starting with Casino Royale in 2006. Quantum of Solace followed in 2008, with Skyfall and Spectre leading to his final No Time To Die outing as Bond in 2021.

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