There are many ways to enjoy your Hot Wheels. You can buy a track for it, which is something that most collectors would do. Some just keep them in boxes to preserve the toys for years. However, a diorama is arguably the coolest way – especially if it's something that you built yourself.

There are a handful of tutorials on the web on how to build a diorama, but this one from Art Craft Beruang on YouTube is probably one of the most detailed out there.

Perfect for 1/64 scale Hot Wheels, this diorama was completely made from scratch, unlike Hot Wheel tracks that you buy and assemble from a box. Even better, the video doesn't only show the diorama itself but also gives you a clear view of how to make each of the pieces so you can replicate them on your end.

To start, you need a number of tools for your build. Primary of which are measuring tools and a cutter. You also need a sliding cutting tool to make sure that your straight lines are, in fact, straight, while a drill is also necessary for those parts that need you to bore a hole. Then you also need a pair of tweezers, paint brushes, and most importantly, an airbrush for some realistic details. And of course, glue – lots of glue.

As a base, the YouTuber here used plywood, while most of the parts were made from PVC foam board. There are different kinds of paint used as well, including acrylic and those bought by hobbyists. There isn't any 3D printing involved here – no, sir.

We really love the details here, such as the dried tea leaves used as "soil" for the garden, while static grass and miniature trees were also added to add some greenery for the miniature hangout place. For the warehouse's lighting, LED strips were used, while miniature street lamps were also added to complete the detail on the road.

The finished product is like a roadside warehouse with a parking lot – something you would picture for a street scene.

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