A new report indicates BMW has plans to introduce two plug-in hybrid versions of the upcoming 5 Series (G30).

Our friends at BMWBLOG have managed to find out some details concerning BMW’s plans to hybridize the next 5 Series and it seems there are going to be two different models. Both of them will share a hardware setup derived from the 330e, but with more power to match the extra weight and size of the car.


The 530e will combine a turbocharged four-cylinder engine with an electric motor to grant a combined output of around 280 horsepower. The battery back will have enough energy for around 22 miles (35 kilometers) and according to the same source this version will top out at 75 miles per hour (120 kilometers per hour) in electric mode. It is believed BMW will sell it with a standard RWD and an optional xDrive arrangement.

As for the beefier 540e, this one is said to come with a TwinPower turbo four-cylinder gasoline engine benefitting from VANOS control double overhead camshaft, VALVETRONIC valve control, and High Precision Injection. The conventional engine is expected to generate 258 hp and together with the 95 hp electric motor the hardware will be rated at a combined 326 hp.

The 540e will have a 19 mile electric range and the same 75 mph top speed in electric mode. It will come with a nine-speed automatic transmission sending power to the rear wheels or to an optional xDrive setup. The water-cooled electric motor will work together with a battery pack placed under the rear seats.

Both 530e and 540e plug-in hybrids are set to come out next year, following the release of the conventionally-powered 5 Series (G30) this October in Paris.

Source: bmwblog.com

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