There's no shortage of flying car concepts throughout history. Marrying the automobile and airplane has been a long-promised dream, but building them and making them safe is no easy task. People struggle to handle the road-bound vehicles today's automakers are producing, and adding flight capability to their complexity won't help. 

Flying cars have been promised for decades. While there's always buzz about the next big thing and plenty of ideas out there vying for investment dollars, they have yet to turn into a viable product for the masses. However, flying cars on a smaller scale is possible, as a new video from the Make Your OWN Creation Make Your OWN Creation YouTube channel demonstrates.

The build starts with a red Lamborghini Aventador RC car. It only requires a few parts for flight, like rotors, electric motors, and mounting hardware. The plastic rotors are painted red along with the support structure to match the car's exterior, which attaches to the end of wings fastened to the Lamborghini's doors. A small hole underneath each wing allows the wiring to reach into the car's cabin.

Hot glue marries the electric motors to the support structure – three on each side for six total. Soldering connects the wiring between the rotors, and soldering attaches the rotors to a motor control board from a remote-controlled helicopter. This slips into the cabin.

The final bit of building adds a tail for stability, but the makeshift flying machine is far from stable and doesn't fly all that well. The car tilts, bobs, and weaves without getting too high off the ground. It retains its car's normal RC controls, making it capable of driving on the ground, too. The video description has a list of parts needed for the build, all of which were bought from Amazon.

A bit of ingenuity and a handful of parts can create something new and neat. The Lamborghini drone won't be as stable or easy to fly as a dedicated drone, but the goal of such a creation isn't so much about the finished product but the journey to build it.

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