Ken Block's bonkers 1,400-horsepower, all-wheel-drive 1965 Ford Mustang Hoonicorn is a beast. It's been making headlines since it debuted in 2016 with just 845 hp under the hood, but time changes things, and not even the Hoonicorn rests. Team Associated is here to give fans an opportunity to pilot the cool Mustang in the form of a 1:10 scale RC car.

Team Associated builds Block's Hoonicorn Mustang on its all-new Apex2 chassis. It measures 18 inches long (458 mm) and 7.87 in. (200 mm) wide and features sealed front and rear gear differentials, full-metal ball bearings, steel drive axles, adjustable shock mounting locations, and officially licensed American Racing VF503 wheels to go with the officially licensed 1965 Ford Mustang and its Hoonicorn body.

Gallery: 1965 Ford Mustang Hoonigan Hoonicorn RC Car By Team Associated

The RC car has a rear independent suspension, a sealed driveline to keep out debris, oil-filled shocks, and metal ring and pinion gears. It's a robust RC car that comes equipped with a three-lot brush motor, a Reedy SC500X programmable brushed ESC, and an active rear suspension that adjusts the toe throughout the suspension cycle. It's all-wheel drive, as well, and ready for whatever one can throw at it.

The Hoonicorn is available with Team Associated’s line of spare parts and upgrades for the Apex2 chassis, which includes a battery charger, extra batteries, motors, suspension bits, and fluids, just like the real thing. Sort of.

Team Associated offers the Hoonicorn RC Car in two versions. One has an MSRP of $579.99 and includes the motor, receiver, radio, and the Hoonicorn body. The other, more expensive option consists of all one would need, like the charger and battery. It costs $679.99, which isn't cheap, but it is far more affordable than modifying a full-scale 1965 Mustang into a Hoonicorn replica. You can get it cheaper at Hoonigan, where it starts at $395 for the basic kit.

RC cars combine miniatures with motion, and there are countless official models available and a copious amount of homemade ones. For a car like the Hoonicorn, an RC car is likely the only way many of us would ever experience such a cool car, and now you can buy it and drive it in your living room. 

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