The next-gen Ford Mustang will allegedly launch with a pair of carryover powertrains, according to Ford Authority citing unnamed sources. Buyers will be able to select the 2.3-liter  turbocharged four-cylinder EcoBoost or the 5.0-liter Coyote V8. reached out to Ford for comment. A spokesperson declined to speculate about future product.

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Currently, it's not clear whether either of these engines would have any tweaks to adjust their horsepower or torque ratings for the new Mustang.

Ford Performance and Icons vehicle program director Ali Jammoul previously discussed cleaning up the V8. "What we need to do, though, is make the V8 more environmentally friendly and you need to make sure it’s regulatory compliant. And that’s absolutely something we have worked on and will certainly have in the next-generation Mustang," he said.

There also continue to be reports about the Mustang adopting a hybrid-assisted V8. The rumors suggest an electric motor would turn the front axle, while the combustion mill spins the rear wheels. This variant might not be available with a manual gearbox, based on other statements by Jammoul.

A leaked image shows the uncamouflaged Mustang's front end. The new model has headlights with a narrow, trapezoidal shape. The grille is also trapezoidal but with a broad design. The lower fascia has a wide opening in the middle and smaller inlets in each corner.

We only know the general shape for the rest of the new Mustang. It sticks with the history of the model's design by having a long hood and short rear deck. Spy shots tell us that both coupe and convertible variants are under development.

For now, there isn't much info available about the new Mustang's interior. We can presume Ford would give the model upgraded tech so that the car can keep up with the march of progress.

There will also be a version for GT3-class racing. The only image we have of it is under a sheet, but a tall wing is clearly part of the competition car's design.

The new Mustang debuts in 2023. All indications suggest that it would go on sale for the 2024 model year.

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