In case the Alieno company doesn’t ring a bell, this is a hypercar manufacturer based near the city of Sliven in Bulgaria and founded in 2015. Some four years ago, it released renderings of its first product, the Arcanum, but it never actually reached production. Now, Alieno has new renderings presenting its second model and we have the feeling it will remain purely virtual as well.

Dubbed Unum, the vehicle takes the shape of what is likely supposed to be an electric hypercar with obvious design influences from Lamborghini. The name of the vehicle is derived from the Latin word “unum”, which means “one.” Alieno describes it as “a two-door, two-seater robotic electric hypercar” with the same “alien” technologies as its predecessor, the Arcanum.

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The Unum is envisioned in two versions. The first one is called THF which stands for "The Heavenly Founder" and has a battery-powered electric system. This electric variant has four available packages with the base one offering an output of – behold! –  2,610 horsepower (1,946 kilowatts), followed by 3,482-hp (2,596-kW), 4,351-hp (3,244-kW), and the flagship 5,221-hp (3,893-kW) versions of the same powertrain. If those figures aren’t impressive enough (and quite questionable), try to assimilate this – Alieno promises a top speed of well above 310 miles per hour (500 kilometers per hour).

The electric energy comes from graphene LiPo cells and supercapacitors with three available variants depending on the capacity – 180 kWh, 120 kWh, and 60 kWh. An 800-volt electrical architecture ensures charging from 0 to 100 percent should take 30 minutes, 20 minutes, and 10 minutes respectively on a 350 kW charging station.

While the Urum THF seems outlandish, the Urum TRS questions reality. We had to read Alieno’s press release twice to figure out what exactly is powering this vehicle and the easiest explanation we could think of is a system consisting of 24 cold air thrusters. Alieno calls this system an “octopus synergistic system” and says it uses the expansion of pressurized gas to generate thrust and power the hypercar.

No performance figures are available but the company says the compressed air is stored under a pressure of up to 700 bar in an air cylinder made of composite materials. A built-in electric compressor or an external compressor charge the cylinder. Air from the compressor or cylinder can be also used to dry the road ahead of the vehicle’s tires on a rainy day to prevent aquaplaning. 

Alieno Unum
Alieno Unum

We think we know what you are thinking by now – this thing doesn’t exist and will never do. We are very skeptical too, but Alieno proudly says it already accepts orders and will build the Unum only by customer pre-orders. The Urum THF has a base price of €1.8 million ($1.84 million), while the thrust-powered Alieno TRS kicks off at €3.0 million ($3.07 million). Depending on the specification, the price can go as high as €4.5 million ($4.61 million). The delivery times are 18 to 30 months, according to the manufacturer from Bulgaria.

You can check out Alieno's full press release at the source link below - it's worth it.

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