As COVID-19 and the global microchip shortage press on through 2022, new and used vehicle inventories remain slim in many locations. Used vehicle prices are up, and many new cars are selling over MSRP. But what about a new vehicle that's technically a used car? In the case of this 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Platinum, it's advertised for $193,988 – more than $100,000 over its as-new base price of $90,874.

It's not a typo, either. Two dealership representatives at World Ford Pensacola confirmed pricing over the phone, explaining that the Lightning is in very high demand. The dealership purchased the truck from a broker, meaning it already had one owner which technically makes it a used vehicle. That's how it's listed on the website, showing 139 miles on the odometer and finished in Iced Blue Silver Metallic.

Ford F-150 Lightning Markup

That's a no-charge color for the range-topping Platinum trim. Features like Ford's Co-Pilot360 and the B&O stereo are also standard with the Platinum truck. Barring dealer-installed options, a new Lightning Platinum's MSRP is $92,669 with destination charges added in. Of course, the rub is whether you'll be able to find Ford's new electric pickup for sale, as all 2022 models sold out before the truck reached dealerships. Still, with a figure approaching $200,000, this is certainly the priciest F-150 Lightning we've ever seen.

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In early 2022, we reported on a Ford communication to dealerships regarding potential activities that could negatively impact customer relations and damage the Ford brand. Possible repercussions to dealerships could include shifting future vehicle allocations to other locations, though the communication seemed to focus on new vehicle activity. It's unclear if or how used vehicles might factor into the equation.

With destination charges included, the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning has a starting MSRP just over $40,000 in Pro trim, which is aimed at contractors and fleet managers as a work vehicle. The Lightning XLT starts at $54,769, though that includes the standard-range battery with an estimated range of 230 miles. Choosing the extended-range battery with 580 horsepower adds $20,000 to the XLT's base price, making the least-expensive long-range Lightning $74,269.

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