Sometime next year, Audi will introduce the next-generation Q5 crossover. We already caught it out testing earlier this year, and a new batch shows Audi continuing its development. We don’t know a lot about the model, but we don’t expect Audi to change the formula drastically. However, it will receive new styling inside and out and other significant updates

The new photos show the crossover continues to wear a full-body camouflage wrap, but outlines of the concealed styling features are visible. The new Q5 will arrive with an aggressive front fascia, with a prominent single-frame grille flanked by new air curtains on either side. The headlights look narrower, and the new face sits above a wide lower bumper opening.

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There’s not much to see at the rear with its traditional styling details. Audi is using stand-in taillights, which will change before production begins. A pair of tailpipes stick out of the rear bumper, but the rest of the design remains hidden under the camo wrap.

The Q5 looks a tad larger than the model it will replace. The wheelbase looks a tad longer, too, which could translate into more cargo space and second-row legroom. We have not spotted the interior yet, but it should arrive packed with screens, safety tech, driver aids, and the latest infotainment goodies.

While Audi is moving toward battery-electric vehicles, the combustion engine will continue to play a vital role in its portfolio. That includes powering the next-generation Q5; however, we don’t know any specifics about Audi’s powertrain plan. We expect the crossover to offer a range of gasoline and diesel engines that will also feature mild-hybrid assistance. Audi will likely sell a plug-in hybrid variant, and we know the all-electric Q5 E-Tron is also on its way.

The Q5 is still in the early stages of development, and we don’t expect Audi to reveal it until sometime next year. That means it will likely arrive at dealers for the 2024 model year. Audi will likely continue to offer the Q5 in a Sportback body style, and it should debut alongside its traditional-looking stablemate.

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