The sun is setting on another small three-door hatchback in Europe. Ford is ending production of the simpler Fiesta this summer, though the five-door version will continue. However, it will experience some changes amid ongoing supply chain issues and buyers that want small crossovers instead of subcompact hatchbacks.

Speaking to, a spokesperson with Ford Germany confirmed the cancelation of the three-door while offering a bit more insight on the overall situation.

"For the model year change, Ford is simplifying and streamlining the delivery range. The aim is to adapt the range to customer demand – accordingly, the less popular body variant will be taken out of the program."

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The exact nature of the streamlining isn't readily apparent. Automotive News Europe mentions the restriction of certain new Fiesta orders due to the current number of orders in the system. Some dealerships in the UK have stopped taking orders for cars with certain options, and orders for the three-door Fiesta ST have ended altogether. Fear not, hot hatchback fans, for the ST will endure in five-door format.

There could be some fear for the Fiesta's longer-term outlook, however. The subcompact just received a facelift for the 2022 model year, but sales are way down in the first two months of 2022. Just 7,608 units sold versus 19,844 for the same period last year, though supply chain issues can account for some of that. For now, production will continue at Ford's factory in Cologne, Germany, where it will share manufacturing space with upcoming electric models using Volkswagen's MEB platform.

The 2022 update saw the Fiesta gain standard-issue LED headlights, with optional matrix LEDs available on higher trim levels. Slightly larger grilles with larger vents in the lower fascia stand out as primary visual changes, though the Fiesta retained its signature look in the segment.

2022 marks the end of the three-door Fiesta after a run of 46 years. But to Ford's credit, it outlasted nearly all of its rivals.

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