While Top Gear has had its up and downs over the years, there’s little doubt the show is a global phenomenon, especially for car enthusiasts. The show puts new cars through their paces, but the show also spawned several iconic custom vehicles, some of which are on display at Beaulieu Motor Museum’s World of Top Gear exhibit.

A new video from the Lift Hills and Thrills YouTube channel walks through the exhibition showing off numerous challenge cars used through the show’s 31-series run. This isn’t a new exhibit. The museum has always displayed quite the collection of Top Gear cars, but the revamped exhibit now has cars from more recent series episodes.

The museum shows off the iconic indestructible Toyota Hilux truck and the ski-jumping Mini, but it also has more recent show stars like Mr. Nippy from Series 29 and the bungee-jumping Rover from Series 28. It’s a thorough exhibit with the cars creatively displayed alongside information plagues, clips from the show’s extensive catalog, and other tidbits about the TV show.

The exhibit now highlights the entire Top Gear run, up to modern-day episodes starring Chris Harris, Paddy McGuinness, and Freddie Flintoff, though many will have a soft spot for Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond, who emigrated to Amazon’s The Grand Tour several years ago.

The museum also recreates the show’s Enormodrome to give attendees the experience of visiting the TV studio where the show is filmed. The museum also has a Top Gear Test Track where visitors can compare their driving skills, but you won’t need a helmet. These are scaled-down models of Top Gear challenge cars that are remote-controlled.

As the Lift Hills and Thrills YouTube channel notes, it’s a tad sad to see some of the cars sitting outside, considering their history, but it’s much better than tossing them in the scrap heap. The next time you find yourself in southern England, visit Beaulieu and its motor museum so you can check out the cool and awesome cars from the popular motoring show the World of Top Gear exhibit.

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