The BMW 7 Series enters its seventh generation with the arrival of the new 2023 model, and one could argue that, even with all the icons before it, this is the most important 7 ever. For the first time since its debut way back in 1977, the gas-powered 7 Series comes with an electric counterpart, the BMW i7.

It’s all part of BMW's push toward electrification. CEO Oliver Zipse says that new EV models will be coming "thick and fast" beginning next year, as the company is fully committed to the Paris Climate accords and plans a move toward a fully electric lineup in the future, following Rolls-Royce and Mini before it. All told, BMW Group could have as many as 10 million battery-electric vehicles on the road by 2030, with the i7 joining the iX and i4 before it.

You might remember that we got a chance to sample both the gas and electric versions of the 7 Series in prototype form earlier this month. But that short time behind the wheel provided a brief preview of what to expect. Today, BMW has uncovered the two flagship models in full, and as Zipse would put it, the pair represents "tech magic at its best."

2022 BMW 7s

Two Gas, One EV

BMW will offer two versions of the gas-powered 7 Series at launch: a base six-cylinder model and a more powerful V8 version. The base 740i sports an upgraded iteration of BMW's turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six engine, now with the addition of a 48-volt mild-hybrid assist.

Total output for the 740i sits at 375 horsepower and 383 pound-feet of torque, which marks an improvement of 40 hp over the outgoing model. With that 48-volt system at full tilt, the 740i can travel in brief bursts with a maximum torque figure of 398 lb-ft, allowing it to hit 60 miles per hour in 5.0 seconds.

The top-end 760i xDrive model, meanwhile, uses a twin-turbocharged 4.4-liter V8 engine with the same mild-hybrid assist, giving it a total output of 536 hp and 553 lb-ft. That allows the 760i to get to 60 in just 4.2 seconds. Both cars use the same eight-speed automatic transmission found on other BMW products.

2022 BMW 7s
2022 BMW i7
2022 BMW i7

As for the electric 7er – officially dubbed the i7 xDrive60 – the EV uses two electric motors and a single battery pack with 101.7 kilowatt-hours of usable energy to produce a combined output of 536 hp and 549 lb-ft. That means the i7 can surge to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds and on to a limited top speed of 149 mph. The gas-powered models, meanwhile, are limited to 155.

BMW estimates that the total EPA driving range for the i7 xDrive60 will be around 300 miles in the US, but that figure isn't officially set. And for maximum charging, the i7 can juice up at a rate of up to 195.0 kilowatts on a DC fast charging station, which allows it to recoup 80 miles of range in ten minutes. Better yet, i7 owners in the US will get unlimited free charging at Electrify America for the first three years of ownership.

Every 2023 7 Series gets a standard four-corner air suspension system with automatic self-leveling and electronically controlled dampers. The adaptive suspension lowers the 7 Series by 0.4 inches in Sport mode or raises it up to 0.8 inches for rough roads and small obstacles. Furthermore, the i7 automatically lowers a bit above 75 mph for aerodynamics. And with the addition of integral adaptive steering, which gives the car more precision at higher speeds, the 7 Series has rear-wheel steering at a rate of up to 3.5 degrees.

2022 BMW i7

Bold Exterior, Tech-Focused Cabin

Visually, the new 7 Series is a stark departure from the luxury sedan it replaces. The new front end (first seen on the updated X7) is the focal point, featuring large-ish kidney grilles and a new split light fixture treatment that places the headlights in the middle of the bumper and two-element LED running lights near the hood. On the i7, blue accents line the base of the fascia, while the gas-powered cars get standard M Sport styling.

A no-cost option on the i7 xDrive60, the M Sport bits give the 7 Series a more aggressive design on the front end, available 20- and 21-inch M Sport wheel options, and standard Shadowline trim, which darkens some of the exterior accents.

2022 BMW i7
2022 BMW i7

Inside, the 7 Series adopts the latest iteration of BMW's Live Cockpit Plus with the most recent iDrive 8 software. Front and center is the new Curved Display, which is a single continuous piece of glass that houses two plus-sized screens: a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster behind the steering wheel and a 14.9-inch central touchscreen. And a new Interaction Bar, exclusive to the 7, features a crystalline surface with touch-capacitive controls for things like ventilation and climate control functions.

But the second row of the new 7 Series is where you want to be. An optional 31.3-inch, 8K Theater Screen display lives between the front two seats, giving rear passengers access to built-in Amazon Fire TV and other online services. Each rear passenger can control the screen either by touching it or via two 5.5-inch tablets mounted within the door panels.

Adding the optional Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound System replaces the standard 18 in-car speakers with 36 high-quality speakers. Four of those speakers are even integrated into the headliner, and all 36 offer a full 4D audio function that uses magnetically controlled vibrations for better bass.

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Every 7 gets a standard suite of BMW's active driver-assistance functions, but for the first time, the 7 Series gains a new “Level 2 Plus” hands-free driving system. We tested this system in an early prototype and found it to be quite intuitive; excellent lane-centering technology and automatic lane-change functions give it as much functionality as Cadillac's Super Cruise and Ford's BlueCruise.

BMW also expanded its already available Parking Assistant feature on the 7 Series and i7. Now, this system allows for advanced Remote Smartphone Parking, as well as a new Reverse Assist that allows the i7 to back itself out of a tight situation with no steering input from the driver needed.

Price To Plug-In

First units ship of the new 7 Series ship this November, with the base 740i starting at $94,295, with the $995 destination fee included. The V8-powered 760i xDrive meanwhile costs $114,995, and the electric i7 is $120,295 out of the box.

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