The 28 students in the Masters in Transportation Design program at the Istituto Europeo di Design Turin worked with Alpine to create the hydrogen-fueled A4810 supercar concept. The goal of the project is to create a machine for the year 2035 that has next-generation technologies while remaining true to the Alpine brand.

The A4810 is a low-slung machine with lots of organic curves in its design. The headlights incorporate into the tip of the nose but are invisible when not illuminated. The fenders rise above the rest of the nose, and the passenger compartment dominates the center of the vehicle.

Gallery: Alpine A4810 Hydrogen Concept

The rear portion of the body has flying buttresses connecting the main portion of the body to the fenders. When viewed from the top, the tail has a W-shape. There are vertical taillights on each edge and dual exhaust outlets in the center.

The students also rendered a futuristic cabin for the A4810. The steering wheel juts out far from the dashboard. Digital displays on each side of the wheel show what's happening behind the vehicle. Red accents decorate the cabin. The sporty seats are split into multiple sections

The "4810" in the concept's name is a reference to the height of the Mont Blanc mountain that's part of the Alps. The students imagine that the supercar measures 16.7 feet (5,091 millimeters) long, 6.59 feet (2,010 millimeters wide, and 3.46 feet tall (1,055 millimeters) tall.

While the intention is for the A4810 to be hydrogen-powered, there are no powertrain details. Instead, the focus is on the design.

At the start of the project, each student created their own idea for what the car should look like. Alpine then selected two proposals and requested that the final design combine those looks.

"Alpine’s contribution was one of passion, enthusiasm, and constant presence, and marks another milestone in international collaboration. Furthermore, this was an opportunity for students to work under the guidance of Antony Villain, Alpine Design Director; Raphael Linari, Alpine Chief Designer; and a number IED alumni, whom we had the pleasure of seeing again," said Director of IED Turin Paola Zini.

The Alpine brand's lineup will expand with the GT X-Over EV that's coming by 2025. It rides on the CMF-EV platform from the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, which is also underneath the Nissan Ariya. An electric version of the A110 and a hatchback are also on the way.

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