BMW has been actively testing the i7 for the last few months and it seems that a full debut is finally coming very soon. In a new and very lengthy press release (353 pages) detailing the company’s financial results for 2021, there’s a very short but official confirmation that the electric sedan will debut in April this year. No exact date is provided, though we now know the premiere will be global, at locations in New York, Munich, and Beijing.

Here’s the official announcement by BMW: “All of us at BMW are looking forward to the market launch of the new BMW 7 Series this year: progressive, digital, and innovative, it is also the only luxury sedan to offer customers a choice of drivetrain variants. By the way, the most powerful variant — the BMW i7 — is fully electric. In April we will present it in New York, Munich, and Beijing, representing the major regions of the world.” 

Gallery: 2023 BMW i7 teasers

This already sounds like a very exciting vehicle and from previous teasers, we know the i7 will be powered by a dual-motor electric system granting an all-wheel drive. If our preliminary information is correct, the flagship i7 will share its powertrain with the iX M60, which means power will be provided by two electric motors with a peak output (in Sport mode) of 610 horsepower (449 kilowatts) and 811 pound-feet (1,100 Newton-meters) of instant torque. For now, BMW only says the electric 7 Series will have "more than 600 horsepower."

It will be interesting to see how powerful the combustion-powered versions of the new 7 Series will be considering the fact that the i7 will be the most powerful of the family. According to different reports, the range-topping 760i will be powered by an electrified V8 engine with more than 600 hp (447 kW), but nothing has been confirmed for now.

A few new teaser images confirm the front end design of the i7 will be very similar to the BMW iX with two very large kidney grilles. In a video presentation, BMW promises the electric sedan "offers the best driving experience in the segment." For those not interested in spending time behind the wheel, the Bavarian company says the i7 will come equipped with Level 3 autonomous driving hardware.

In terms of range at a single charge, the automaker estimates the i7 will have offer up to 305 miles of EPA electric range (580 – 610 km according to WLTP). However, these are not certified numbers but forecasts based on the vehicle's development status to date.

BMW is currently conducting final tests of the first-ever i7 and we are just a few weeks away from its full and official debut. BMW’s financial results presentation also confirms the iX1 is coming later this year to further expand the company’s BEV model range. As a side note, BMW delivered a total of 103,854 fully-electric vehicles globally last year, up 133.2 percent compared to 2020.

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