Teased in late January, Morgan’s brand new three-wheeled model debuts to continue a 113-year history. Designed and built from the ground up, the new Super 3 has the same character, thrill, and adventure as its predecessors, but is also the most configurable model in the history of the automaker to date. The new Super 3 will be manufactured in Malvern, Worcestershire, at the company’s Pickersleigh Road factory.

Underpinning the three-wheeler is a bonded aluminum monocoque platform and the British firm says this is a true monocoque with stressed exterior A-surfaces. This technology, an evolved version of the 2020 Plus Four and 2019 Plus Six platforms, makes the vehicle lighter and gives it a more rigid chassis. Morgan also says the cabin of the Super 3 benefits from better packaging and now offers more room for the passengers.

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Visually, the Super 3 may look like just more of the same compared to its predecessor, but the truth is it is inspired by a slightly different philosophy. Whereas the 3 Wheeler was created in the style of the 1920s V-twin-engined three-wheelers, its replacement takes inspiration from the mid to late century. As a result, the new model looks more streamlined with the most obvious change being the lack of a V-twin engine between the front wheels.

The interior of the Super 3, given the vehicle’s purpose, has been designed from A to Z with adventures in mind. The entire cabin is completely dust-tight and protected against water, even down to the integrated USB sockets and the fully digital round displays. Every touchpoint inside the Super 3 is made of formed metal and is cold to the touch. One of the very few components carried over from its predecessor is the engine start-stop button, which is inspired by the missile release button on military aircraft.

Powering the Super 3 is a Ford-sourced three-cylinder, naturally-aspirated gasoline engine. While no exact output numbers are available, Morgan says the unit is “powerful, efficient, and characterful” and fits the Super 3 perfectly. The engine is mated to a five-speed gearbox as found in the Mazda MX-5 and identical with the one used in the 3 Wheeler. However, the transmission has undergone several modifications and is now linked to a carbon fiber-reinforced drive belt.

The new Super 3 is now available to order in the UK, Europe, and the US with the first deliveries planned for the European continent in a few months’ time. Later in 2022, the first examples for North America will be shipped, with Japan and Australia following next. The starting price in the UK is £34,958 before local taxes, which is about $47,070 at the current exchange rates. US pricing is not available yet.

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