Update: Ford is in the know about potential Maverick decal issues and provided us this statement:

"We are aware of a few reports from Maverick customers about the adhesion of exterior graphics and are looking into it. Those experiencing this issue can have the graphics inspected by their Ford Dealer and replaced under the vehicle’s warranty."

There could be an issue with factory-applied decals on the Ford Maverick. A few members at the Maverick Truck Club forums have reported damage to decals after going through automatic car washes, with one person also claiming decal damage on the hood when picking up a brand new vehicle at the dealership.

A forum member with the username pjlawton started the conversation, sharing pictures of a First Edition model with the lower side stripe all but removed on the passenger side. The damage allegedly occurred after a visit to what is described as a "regular car wash" in a follow-up post. That post led to other Maverick owners sharing similar experiences with car washes; the lead image at the top of the article comes from member FX4 Maverick showing only a few pieces of the FX4 sticker remaining on the back of the bed.

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Posts from dolbylogic and WVX76 also shows damage to the FX4 sticker, and new member CGFirstEdition shared an image from a First Edition with damage to the hood stripe. In that instance, the forum member claims the truck was brand new at the dealership with the sticker damage, so the cause is pure speculation. For that matter, the other forum members don't specifically state what kind of car wash allegedly caused the damage, save for the "regular" mention from the original post starter in this thread that we interpret as an automatic car wash with brushes.

We've contacted Ford for a comment on the matter, though a reply wasn't received as of this article posting. We'll certainly plug in an update if we hear back, but it's worth mentioning that Ford closed order books for all 2022 Maverick models as of January 27 due to demand. Orders for 2023 trucks are expected to open sometime in the summer.

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