A word of warning before you dive into this short but sweet article. We will do our very best to not use the word family over the next five minutes or so, but it's difficult. For reasons we can't explain, it's very tough to avoid the F word when talking about the Fast saga these days. No, not that F word. Or maybe it is? We'll leave that interpretation up to you, dear reader.

Now, let's talk about the M word, which obviously stands for Momoa. Jason Momoa to be specific – yes, Aquaman himself is swapping his trident for a NOS bottle in the upcoming 10th installment of the Fast and Furious franchise. The word came through The Fast Saga Facebook page, and a quick check at the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) confirms it. Momoa is the newest member of the Fast fam... um... crew.


What role will Momoa take in the next automotive adventure? Absolutely nothing is known at the moment, as there isn't even a character name listed at IMDB. If tradition holds, he could play a tough-as-nails federal agent, a rogue special forces operative, or Dom's brother. No, his other brother, the one nobody talks about. No, the other one nobody talks about. Hey, what kind of family is this? Dammit, we said it.

Here's what we do know about the next Fast film. Its tentative release date is April 7, 2023, and the last we heard, filming was expected to start in January 2022, which is right now as this article posts. Franchise veteran Justin Lin returns to the director's chair, and while we don't yet have a full cast listing at IMDB, the major players should return. Jason Statham's brief cameo in F9's mid-credits scene suggests he could be back, and the fact his character is working with Han (played by Sung Kang) whom he killed way back in Tokyo Drift, the return of Gisele (played by Gal Gadot) could be happening, too.

Only one more movie is expected after Fast 10, and it's possible they could film back-to-back for an extended event in theaters. Considering the previous movie included a rocket-powered Pontiac Fiero that literally flew into space, audiences could be in for quite a ride.

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