The team at DRVN Concepts has created the greatest Lamborghini Gallardo on earth. Welcome to the Monterossa, an open-top Lamborghini Gallardo that sacrifices body panels in the name of experience. This limited-production supercar attacks your senses, offering the most potent dose of Italian supercar goodness available today. If you want one you better contact DRVN Concepts today to reserve one of the 15 available build slots.

When it comes to supercars, it’s hard to fault Lamborghini for being boring. In fact, Lamborghini built its brand on being the in-your-face attention-grabbing dream machine for those who love attention and thought Ferraris were boring. Somewhere along the line, the world became accustomed to expressive supercar exterior design and Lamborghini’s angular looks became more commonplace. In today’s world of Instagram influencers who own tigers and drive gold-encrusted SUVs to their beach houses, it takes a lot to stand out.

DRVN concepts understand this. They want you to stand out from the crowd and promise to take your pedestrian Lamborghini Gallardo and turn it into the neck-snapping supercar you dreamt of when you were looking at posters of Countachs.

According to DRVN Concepts, “Inspiration for the Monterossa lies in motorcycle design. Our founder, Nick Renner, dreamt of a supercar that embodied the mechanical beauty and visceral experience of a superbike with the raw emotion and allure of an exotic. This combination creates a stark contrast between the smooth, sexy, surfacing at the front of the vehicle and the vicious V10, suspension, exhaust, and components at the rear”

All of this weight removal means that the Monterossa Speedster has a power to weight ratio of 4.6lbs per horsepower. This leads to a driving experience that’s sure to be engaging and somewhat terrifying. Make sure you bring a helmet since there’s no windshield to keep your face safe from road debris.

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