From the factory, the Honda E has a fun, vaguely retro aesthetic that's quite charming although not very aggressive. The company Innovate Composites makes the little EV look a whole lot meaner with its new body kit.

The new pieces make the Honda E look ready for the track. The kit includes a new fascia with a rectangular opening in the center. There are also canards on each corner. Flared fenders create room for fitting larger wheels. Wider arches at the back balance the look from the ones in front.

Gallery: Honda E With Innovate Composites Bodykit

The revised rear has a big spoiler on the roof. A diffuser attaches underneath the bumper.

The wheels match the white body and have a motorsport-inspired look with six spokes and outlets along the rim.

Judging from the photos, Innovate Composites isn't quite done with the kit yet. There are still strands hanging off it, and the pieces need painting. You can easily see what the company is planning, though.

On Instagram,  Innovate Composites says it plans to build a "limited number" of these kits. A post says to direct message the business there if you're interested in buying one. reached out to Innovate Composites for more information about the kit, including when it's available and the price. Look for an update to this story when we hear back.

The way the kit makes the Honda E look immediately reminds us of the Honda City Turbo one-make racing series from Japan in the 1980s. Check it out in the video below. It would be great for Honda to revive this idea. Imagine a track full of these EVs lapping a track and building interest in the model at the same time.

Unfortunately, there's still no indication that Honda has any plans to bring the E to the US. The company is currently working with General Motors to use the Ultium platform to bring a large EV to America.

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