Remember that legendary scene from the Wayne’s World movie, in which Wayne, Garth, and their friends lip-synced to Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody in a sky blue AMC Pacer (see the video below)? You can now replicate this epic moment - just buy the original Mirthmobile and invite your friends for a short singing session. Yes, we are not kidding.

Barrett-Jackson will sell the original movie car built in 1976 during its Scottsdale 2022 sale from 22 until 30 January this year. When the movie was produced in 1991, the car was bought from the second-hand market and finished in baby blue with flames on the sides. Later on, the three-door hatchback was sold and appeared in a 2015 episode of Pawn Stars. In 2016, it was sold for $37,400 by Barrett-Jackson.

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According to the vehicle’s description, it was restored to its original movie condition which kept the mismatched wheel combination of chrome spoked wheels in the rear and factory hubcaps in the front. During the restoration, the car was stripped to bare metal and the entire body was resprayed, while the bumpers and wheels were rechromed. The same detailed restoration was applied to the interior, where the seats, interior panels, and dashboard were refinished.

As you’ve probably heard already, the only part of the car that’s not true to the original movie condition is the new and upgraded audio system. That was due to the fact that the 10-inch original speakers were not functional as there never was an amp in the car. Currently, the new audio system is fully operational and ready to rock the Bohemian Rhapsody at full power.

We don’t expect this rare AMC, arguably the most famous car ever built by the company, to generate huge buzz, though. Yes, it’s an original movie car but the modified cabin with the new stereo system might be good for its price. Still, we believe it could easily fetch somewhere around $50,000.

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