After a sedan and a wagon, Porsche will diversify its EV offerings by introducing a crossover with the next-generation Macan coming later in 2022. It looks as though we will have to patiently wait for a coupe since Zuffenhausen has said on numerous occasions an all-electric 911 won't arrive before 2030. The only plausible scenario regarding a two-door model with no combustion engine coming sooner than that is a hypercar to follow the 918 Spyder.

Meanwhile, independent artist 2NCS is a bit more optimistic by envisioning a Taycan Coupe based on the Turbo S flavor for a purely hypothetical 2023 release. It's more than just a quick rendering as he took the time and effort to "shoot" a 90-second video of the imaginary EV, which wouldn't have any rivals since sadly there aren't any electric coupes on sale today.

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Considering the vented fenders and beefy aero kit, we would argue the digital design exercise is more along the lines of a GT3 RS with a track-focused character to mirror Porsche's naturally aspirated sports cars. There will come a day when such a performance vehicle will be a reality, but in the meantime, there are other fish to fry. With the Taycan outselling the 718 Boxster/Cayman and Panamera by a ratio of 2 to 1 in the United States and a Macan EV on the way, a coupe doesn't rank high on the list of priorities.

That doesn't stop us from dreaming about the Taycan Turbo S' potent electric motors being installed in a lighter two-door coupe. With the sedan weighing 5,004 pounds (2,270 kilograms), there's potential to shave off bulk and create a high-performance EV to rival the Nevera.

Speaking of which, Porsche has a 45-percent share in the newly founded Bugatti Rimac joint venture as well as a 24-percent share in Rimac directly. You can rest assured something exciting will come out of this collaboration.

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