TopCar Design builds this very brown Porsche 911 Stinger GTR Limited Carbon Edition. This one is the seventh example in the thirteen-unit production run.

The exterior has a full body kit in exposed carbon fiber in a chocolate color. The new parts include a hood with a spoiler at the base of the windshield. There are also vents at the top of the front fenders. The side sills gain ribbed sections.

Gallery: TopCar Stinger GTR Limited Carbon Edition

At the back, the engine cover has louvered pieces over it. A carbon-fiber wing attaches to the rear deck. There's a large diffuser with trapezoidal openings for the Kline exhaust.

One of the stranger surprises appears when you open the front cargo area. TopCar Design covers the interior of the panel with a brown carbon pattern that evokes camouflage or burl walnut.

In total, TopCar Design installs 84 new parts to the Porsche 911. Each carbon-fiber element has four layers: external, internal, and two structural layers.

Stepping inside, the tuner also overhauls the cabin with brown accents. In places like the seat bolsters and dashboard, the shade is closer to a copper hue. There's a whole lot of carbon fiber, too.

Just the carbon fiber body kit costs €100,000 ($113,185 at current exchange rates). There are lots of options available to add, too. For example, adding a color to the carbon fiber like on this car is an extra €25,000. The interior upgrade is €35,000. A set of forged wheels costs €8,000. A titanium Akrapovič or Inconel Kline exhaust adds €6,500 to the cost.

That's a lot of money just to add style to a Porsche 911 with seemingly no any significant changes to the car's performance or handling. Still, with TopCar Design making just 13 of these kits, so the buyers are getting an exclusive look for their vehicles.

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