Is the normal Mercedes-AMG G63 too big and expensive for your taste? Thankfully this pint-sized Mercedes-AMG G63 clone is here to save the day and your wallet. Welcome to the Suzuki Jimny Brabus G800, a miniature Mercedes-AMG G63 clone that can fit down the tightest streets in London while still looking impossibly cool. This conversion is far more than a body kit, the entire interior of this Suzuki Jimny is all custom Brabus components making it just as luxurious as the real thing.

The Suzuki Jimny captured the hearts of enthusiasts around the world who immediately feel for this miniature boxy off-roader. The Suzuki Jimny offers a unique blend of off-road capability, affordability, and efficiency missing from the ever-growing off-roaders on sale today. The only disappointment for the Jimny was the fact that it isn’t for sale in America, but that’s not the Jimny’s fault, who could get mad at this cute SUV anyway.

Outside of its stock offerings, the Suzuki Jimny is a popular car for aftermarket companies and carved out a very unique niche. Most aftermarket parts for the Suzuki Jimny focus on body kits that transform it into a miniature version of much larger off-roaders. There are kits to transform your Jimny into icons like the Land Rover Defender, Ford Bronco, and the most popular Mercedes G-Wagon.

This particular Suzuki Jimny has been modified to not only look like a Mercedes G-Wagon but one that’s been tuned by Brabus. This is unique build adds the Brabus 800 body kit to the Jimny which gives it an aggressive wideboy look to accompany the other unique Brabus touches. This final product is a perfect pint-sized clone of a Brabus 800 G-Wagon which is somehow far more exciting than the real thing.

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