Remember Carrie Underwood's 2006 hit Before He Cheats? In the official video of that song, the country singer/songwriter wrecked a Dodge Ram pickup truck with a baseball bat. Without even listening to the lyrics of that song, we should know why.

It seems like Underwood's affinity to destroy Stellantis products is still very much alive. On the night of Reflection: The Las Vegas Residency, a kickoff event to celebrate's Underwood's first-ever residency show in Las Vegas, the singer performed the hit song once more. At the backdrop stood a Jeep Wrangler, set ablaze without any hint of survival.


A quick check on Underwood's official Instagram account shows images of the ordeal. We embedded the Instagram post above. For those who can see the social media post, make sure to click the arrow button or swipe to the right to see the burning Wrangler.

Of course, the TJ here was just a prop and probably not a working example. Though we must say, the Wrangler here was looking great, lifted and riding on black steelies with mud tires. It also came with half doors. Then again, the off-roader met its end as a sacrificial prop for a momentous occasion. 

Underwood's kickoff show was held at the brand-new Resorts World Theatre on December 1, 2021. The new venue has a capacity to hold 5,000 people in attendance. On the singer's kickoff event, the theater was packed with people who bore witness to the spectacle of a burning Wrangler.

Underwood joins the likes of Britney Spears, Cher, and Celine Dion to having a residency show in Las Vegas. It was definitely a show for the books, so we completely understand the need for an explosive performance. That, and the fact that the stunt just fit the song perfectly.

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