In January 2014, Mary Barra became the first female CEO of a Big Three automaker in the United States. She is still at the helm of General Motors and under her control, the automaker launched several very special products. You may be inclined to believe one of the highest-paid executives in the automotive industry drives something powerful and exotic as a daily driver, but it turns out that’s not exactly the case.

In a recent interview with Andrew Ross Sorkin during the New York Times DealBook Online Summit, Barra talked a lot about the future of the industry, the electric vehicles, and the way GM will evolve. At the end of the interview, she was asked about the car she drives on a daily basis. The answer was somewhat surprising.

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"I'm driving a Bolt EV. I'm loving it. When people get to drive an electric vehicle, I think they'll find that they're not giving anything up, in fact they're getting it, the customer experience is great," Barra said. Interestingly, GM spokesman Dan Flores confirmed to the Detroit Free Press the Bolt Marra is driving is under recall, though it is now known if it has been fixed yet or not.

Of course, that’s not the only car in Barra’s family. She admitted her husband is a Camaro fan and her son loves the Firebird. The family also owns a Corvette and is waiting for a delivery of the revived Hummer with an electric powertrain. Barra also got her name “on the list along with 200,000 other hand-raisers for the Lyriq." But how long will she be waiting for the electric crossover?

"Well, I try to be fair. I think it's important for me to demonstrate our product, but I signed up like everyone else for the Hummer. When we started the Hummer, we overloaded the internet, so I was texting the head of GMC Buick and I managed to get on the list," Barra admitted.

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