Exhaust note fanatics of New York beware, there’s a chance that a hefty fine is waiting for you. Thanks to a new law passed by New York Governor Kathy Hochul, owners of cars with excessively loud exhausts could face a $1,000 fine. This new fine is the highest in the country and part of a new push to reduce illegal racing in New York State.

This new exhaust fine is part of New York’s new SLEEP bill, which stands for, “Stop Loud and Excessive Exhaust Pollution.” This new bill increased fines for loud aftermarket exhausts from $150 to the wallet crushing the $1,000 mark. The bill may have a catchy acronym but what does it mean for car enthusiasts with loud cars?

The goal of this new law focuses on cutting down on illegal drag racing. The New York government explained that illegal racing increased significantly during the COVID-19 pandemic so this is a way to combat this new trend. Now anyone caught drag racing will have a hefty fine to pay in addition to a fine related to reckless racing on public roads.

It’s also no secret that your loud car isn’t loved by local neighbors who would happily support a law that forces you to quiet things down. To cut off the supply of loud aftermarket exhausts, any shop caught installing illegal mufflers has three strikes and you’re out a policy with the state having the ability to pull a shop’s license to operate.

This harsh stance on loud car exhausts isn’t welcomed news for those who enjoy modifying their cars. It seems that moving forward a more conservative approach is required for those who would prefer to straight pipe their Honda Civic and hit the highway for a friendly drag race.

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