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We've seen all sorts of Toyota Land Cruiser camper conversions for a while. That's mainly because the iconic nameplate, which rose to esteem for its off-roading capabilities, is a perfect platform for a motorhome that could go anywhere.

However, Tim and Kelsey's custom J80 Land Cruiser overland camper has a different destination in mind – to travel all over the world.

Known on various social media channels as Dirt Sunrise, the couple has been living on the road for the past three years. For two years they've traveled across South America in a truck and then they decided to upgrade to a custom Land Cruiser overland camper, with the conversion done by Maltec, a German company.

Tim and Kelsey decided to go for the Land Cruiser because they wanted to be able to go off-road. They admittedly had to compromise space for off-road capabilities, but that's what they intended to do.

In the deep dive tour of the Land Cruiser overland camper, courtesy of Tiny Home Tours (video embedded atop this page), you could see that the LC has niceties within the carbon composite cabin with a carbon-fiber roof. Those are enough to support the couple in their quest to travel around the world, including some luxuries like hot and cold water, a diesel cooktop, and a roof-mounted solar panel for all the charging needs.

Of course, the Land Cruiser's powerful engine stays – a straight-six turbodiesel mill with a full-time four-wheel drivetrain, armed with front, center, and rear differential locks for some extreme off-roading adventures. It even has a snorkel, which should allow the truck to wade through water that other vehicles wouldn't dare.

Dirt Sunrise mentioned in the video that they're on their way to Alaska but it seems like they've already reached the state as seen in their latest upload. With a rig this cool, we won't be surprised that the couple would go beyond America.

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