India may be best known in the automotive industry with products such as the Force Motors Trax Cruiser, a rugged and practical 13-seat SUV, but the country now also has a very advanced supercar project. It is dubbed the Ekonk and comes from Vazirani Automotive, a small-scale Mumbai-based automotive manufacturer. If the name rings a bell in your head, it’s because the company displayed the turbine electric Shul supercar at Goodwood earlier this year.

The Ekonk is a battery-powered supercar that uses air cooling for the battery pack, as opposed to liquid cooling used by most other modern electric vehicles. The so-called DiCo technology, the automaker says, is based on biomimicry, which is used by some animals to regulate their body temperature. Thanks to this, without using a complicated liquid-based cooling system, and with a body made entirely of carbon fiber, Vazirani was able to keep the weight of the car low at just 1,627 pounds (738 kilograms).

Gallery: Vazirani Automotive Ekonk

The official details claim a peak output of the electric powertrain of 722 horsepower (531 kilowatts), which is enough for a 0-62 miles per hour (0-100 kilometers per hour) sprint in just 2.54 seconds. The car is being described as the “world’s lightest EV” and the fastest car India has ever produced. Also, without providing exact numbers, Vazirani claims the vehicle has one of the lowest drag coefficients for a vehicle of this kind.

“For us, Ekonk signifies our real beginning, where for the first time design and innovation come together. It’s our first vehicle that’s ‘alive’. In the Indian scriptures, Ekonk signifies the beginning of the divine light. The big bang,” Chunky Vazirani, formerly an employee of Rolls-Royce and Jaguar Land Rover, founder of Vazirani, comments.

For now, the Ekonk is just a prototype and it was tested at the Natrax high-speed track near Indore, India. It is not known if it will go into production, but the technologies used for it could be implemented into a production vehicle based on the Shul.

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