Jeep unveiled the new three-row Grand Cherokee L back in January 2021, but the bread-and-butter 2022 Grand Cherokee with two-row seating was revealed just a couple of weeks ago. We've had Grand Cherokee L pricing for quite a while now, but Jeep wasn't ready to talk price for the standard version when it launched. Now, it seems Jeep's own website is inadvertently doing the talking for them. Or at least, it was.

The 2022 Grand Cherokee online configurator is live, and according to Muscle Cars & Trucks, it showed the starting MSRP for all trim levels. We checked ourselves and pricing is no longer there, suggesting it was indeed an unintentional leak. That also means it's possible the figures weren't final; we contacted Jeep for comment on the matter and we'll plug in an update if we hear fresh news.

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Even if the leaked information isn't spot-on accurate, it should be very close and that means a modest price increase from 2021 is coming. The new entry-level model is the Laredo, starting at $37,390. Compare that to the outgoing Laredo E with a starting MSRP of $34,970, which is $2,420 cheaper. That's not an unreasonable jump for a new-generation vehicle, but it does get a bit pricey on the high end with the range-topping Summit Reserve at $63,365. Still, it's not as much as the current Grand Cherokee SRT or Trackhawk, neither of which are offered for 2022.

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Here's a breakdown of the leaked 2022 Grand Cherokee trim levels and starting prices. All figures are for two-wheel-drive models unless otherwise noted. Destination charges are currently unknown.

Trim Level Starting MSRP
2022 Grand Cherokee Laredo $37,390
2022 Grand Cherokee Altitude $41,945
2022 Grand Cherokee Limited $43,710
2022 Grand Cherokee Trailhawk (AWD only) $50,275
2022 Grand Cherokee Overland $53,305
2022 Grand Cherokee Summit $57,365
2022 Grand Cherokee Summit Reserve (AWD only) $63,365

By comparison, the larger three-row Grand Cherokee L is only marginally more expensive in many trims. For example, a range-topping Grand Cherokee L Summit Reserve is just $270 more than the two-row version. The gap is a bit larger for the entry-level Laredo, which is $1,245 more with the third row of seats. For midrange trim levels, however, the gap can stretch over $3,000. It's also worth noting that prices currently listed on Jeep's website are for the 2021 Grand Cherokee L. An increase for the 2022 model year is certainly possible.

The 2022 Grand Cherokee is expected to reach dealerships in late 2021.

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