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No, you’re not dreaming. That’s a BMW M4 in the photo above. It’s in a pitiful state, too, but it’s also never been driven. It’s like the other 3,000 new BMW and Mini models that are sitting around. They have been left abandoned in a vacant Vancouver lot for nearly six years, rotting away. Those ambitious enough who think they can recover and restore these vehicles will be sad to learn that there is no hope of any rehabilitation.

Why? For the simple reason that these 3,000 cars were exposed to excessive amounts of standing water, salt, and moisture when they arrived at Halifax Harbor, Canada, in February 2015. A terrible snowstorm had swept Canada during that time, causing considerable damage, especially on these vehicles sitting at port. The prolonged exposure to the elements likely deteriorated things like the vehicles’ electrical systems, suspension bits, and other vital components.


Authorities recalled the vehicles, which could have been saved, but BMW did not consider it economically viable to repair them. It was much more economical for the Bavarian brand to replace the damaged vehicles outright. Excessive water and moisture damage can be challenging to eliminate and could cause headaches for the brand down the road.

The storm that damaged the M4 damaged several other desirable models, which are visible in the supercar.fails Instagram video embedded above. The video quality is low, making it difficult to determine specific models and trims, but we can spot an M6 and what appears to be a very rare Alpina B6. We expect there are more M cars hiding in the sea of abandoned vehicles, which includes quite the collection of body styles.

The 3,000 vehicles on the vacant land are waiting to be destroyed, or they will be, at best, recycled even if some examples are rusted beyond being salvageable.

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