Germany's Volkner Mobil builds the most luxurious motorhomes imaginable. If you can afford the multi-million-euro price, then you might also own a supercar to tote around. In a new promo video, Volkner shows this is possible by highlighting its Performance S model with a Bugatti Chiron in storage underneath.

Volkner says this Performance S motorhome would retail for €2,035,000 ($2.4 million at current exchange rates). The exterior wears an eggplant purple color. A slide-out wall adds even more space when the vehicle is stationary. There are solar panels on the roof and 1,800 amp-hours of total battery capacity.

Gallery: Volkner Performance S Motorhome

The under-vehicle garage emerges hydraulically. The owner drives a car onto the platform, and it slides underneath. No tie-downs are necessary. Volkner pitches this as letting you haul a second vehicle without needing a trailer.

Inside, it features a high-end Burmester stereo that is responsible for €300,000 ($355,000) of the price. The power-rising storage area for plates and cups is another neat touch. The shower is massive by motorhome standards. There's white upholstery throughout the cabin, and the company applies the BrilliantBlack wood veneer by hand throughout the interior.

There's a full kitchen, just like at home. It includes an induction stove, oven, microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher, and even an espresso machine. The company also offers a wine cabinet.

The Performance measures 12 meters (39.37 feet) long. Buyers can get freshwater tanks with a  capacity of 750 to 1,000 liters (198.1 to 264.2 gallons). Power comes from either a Volvo engine making 454 horsepower (338 kilowatts) or a Mercedes powerplant with 424 hp (316 kW). Both of them hook up to an automatic gearbox.

Assuming you have the money, this seems like the ultimate way to take a long-distance drive. Plus, once you reach the destination, there's a supercar to take for a thrilling outing.

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