There has never been an answer to the Ford F-150 Raptor from GMC, but PaxPower isn't settling for that by introducing a new version of the Jackal, now based on the GMC Sierra.

Of note, the Texas-based tuning company has built a Silverado-based Raptor fighter before that's also named the Jackal. This time around, PaxPower uses another GM truck to stir the pot, based on the company's mantra "building the trucks that the OEMs won’t." 

The new Sierra-based PaxPower Jackal is available in two stages. Stage 1 is the one dressed in white in the gallery below while the Stage 2 upgrade is the one that comes in sinister-looking black.

Gallery: PaxPower Jackal GMC Sierra 1500

Just like the Silverado Jackal, the Sierra Jackal Stage 1 rides on adjustable King Racing 2.5-inch coilovers in front and shocks at the rear. The coilovers are paired with a fabricated upper control arm with a stronger uniball joint, instead of a factory ball joint. The setup provides a 3.5-inch lift over a stock Sierra 1500, while 35-inch offroad tires with 17x9 wheels all come standard.

The $17,950 retail for the Jackal Stage 1 tuning comes with a custom replacement hood and 3-inch fender flares, along with a Borla stainless-steel dual exhaust system. PaxPower says its Stage 1 Jackal build is superior to GM's Trail Boss or AT4 package.

The $27,950 Sierra Jackal Stage 2 takes this up a notch by adding long-travel suspension system and wider, flared bodywork. The same King coilovers and shocks now come with fabricated upper and lower control arms, significantly increasing suspension travel to around a foot. The rear is equipped with Deaver progressive-rate leaf springs for better ride and travel. 

In terms of power, PaxPower is offering a 3.0-liter supercharger upgrade for the 5.3-liter and 6.2-liter V8 engines. This raises the 5.3L from 355-horsepower to 500 and the 6.2L from 420-horsepower to 650. The supercharger upgrade is priced at $12,500 to be added on top of the aforementioned builds.

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