The Chevy Camaro isn’t doing well. Sales for the two-door Chevy have fallen year-over-year since 2015, and 2021 isn’t looking to reverse that trend. Declining sales have fueled rumors that GM could discontinue the model, though the nameplate could continue on a completely different type of vehicle. New rumors point to Chevy using the Camaro name for an electric sedan, and unofficial renderings preview what that car could look like.

The renderings are based on the Cadillac Escala concept, a sleek and swooping four-door sedan that debuted at the 2016 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. The renderings give the Escala new front and rear fascias that turn the Cadillac into a sleek Camaro sedan. The styling features bits from the front fascia of the Bolt EUV, like the triangular headlights positioned low in the bumper. A faux grille is squeezed between them. Above those is a thin grille with the Chevy bow tie in the middle flanked by thin-slit daytime running lights, which is the styling feature that looks the closest to the Camaro.

Gallery: All-Electric Chevy Camaro Unofficial Renderings

It’s a completely different story at the rear, where the four-door Camaro wears a unique full-width taillight element that sits on a restyled trunk. A little red RS badge on the trunk lid adds a dash of sportiness; however, for now, this is just a rendering, and the idea of a four-door all-electric Camaro is just a rumor.

Moving the Camaro nameplate from a two-door sports car to a four-door all-electric sedan would be a strong move for the brand, though it wouldn’t be unprecedented. If Ford can use the Mustang name for a four-door EV crossover, a four-door Camaro sedan certainly seems within the realm of possibility. There’s no timeline attached to the Camaro sedan rumor, though allegedly it wouldn’t arrive until sometime after 2024 as the current Camaro will be around until at least then.

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