Fitting a decent-sized bed, a complete kitchen, and a full bathroom into a full-size van isn't easy. Making it modular to preserve the functionality of the van as a work vehicle seems impossible, but ModVans makes it happen with two new offerings that have us properly impressed.

If ModVans sounds familiar, we first encountered the California-based company back in 2019 with their innovative CV1. Based on a full-size Ford Transit, the CV1 gets a pop-up roof for additional clearance and sleeping space while the interior benefits from plug-and-play sections. When vacation is over, the sections are removable to create either a wide-open cargo van, or a passenger van.

The latest models are the CV1/M and the MH1, and as you might expect, they add more space and features to the familiar formula. The CV1/M retains the same layout as the CV1 but uses a slightly taller medium-roof Transit with a ceiling of nearly six feet when the pop-top is down. A custom-designed floor features attachment points to hold down everything from a full kitchen with sink, stove, and refrigerator, to seats for up to seven passengers. A portable toilet is part of the package, and the two large sleeping areas offer comfortable accommodations for overnight getaways.

Gallery: ModVans CV1/M And MH1

Perhaps the bigger news is the MH1. It uses a high-roof, extended length Ford Transit for even more space and as such, it features a new L-shaped kitchen layout that includes a built-in oven. Across from that is a fully enclosed bathroom with a shower that collapses electrically to create a countertop when not in use. A queen-size bed occupies the rear of the van, with a full-size bed in the upper pop-top. It's available with a 500-AH lithium battery pack and can hold 50 gallons of fresh water. And as with other ModVans, all the components can be removed for daily duties as a cargo van or seven-passenger family vehicle.

ModVans MH1 Interior
ModVans MH1 Interior

The MH1 and CV1/M were only recently revealed. As such, photos for MH1's unique floorplan aren't available but we do get a taste of the bigger van in a video from Chad and Paul on YouTube. The above screenshots show the van is certainly cozy, but its versatility is truly insane.

All ModVans are available with all-wheel drive, and customization is a big part of the experience. As such, pricing can vary but the CV1/M starts at $89,000. The high-roof MH1 starts at $114,000, but if you're keen to get a new one, there is a bit of a wait as the company is struggling to get new Transit vans from Ford. It seems the microchip shortage is affecting the #Vanlife world as well.

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