While Class A RVs are a fantastic way to take a bit of home with you, they can prove to be quite unruly when it comes to finding a parking space. Thankfully, Thor Motor Coach recently released two new compact Class B camper vans called Rize and Scope.

Both motorhomes are built on the RAM Promaster 1500XT platform, which sits on a 136-inch (3,454-millimeter) wheelbase. With all of the creature comforts on board, both vehicles have a gross vehicle weight rating of around 8,550 pounds (3,878 kilograms). Buyers have two floor plans to choose from for each vehicle, one with a bathroom and the other without.

Gallery: Thor Motor Coach Rize And Scope

Despite their differing names, these camper vans are essentially the same package. The Rize and Scope can each be optioned out with the same 18T or 18M floorplans.

While the 18T layout does away with the bathroom, it has enough space for a fully-equipped kitchen that comes with a two-burner gas cooktop, microwave, and 12-volt electric refrigerator. The extra room also allows for a petite stainless steel sink – a very underrated item when it comes to kitchen accoutrement.

Meanwhile, the 18M layout trades kitchen space for a wet bathroom, with an RV shower-toilet combo. The lavatory is perfect for getting off the grid, as it features a cassette toilet that doesn’t require a dumping station when you park up. Backcountry explorers will also appreciate a piping-hot shower after a long day, courtesy of Thor’s Truma water heating system. 

One of the party pieces available for both vehicles is the pop-top, which can easily sleep two people. While it’s a very efficient way to add sleeping space, it also doubles as a storage space when not in use. Like similarly shaped Class B motorhomes, the Thor Motor Coach Rize and Scope pack lots of features and solutions into their relatively compact footprints.

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