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We stumbled upon an old video in which the owner of a 1987 Buick Riviera plays around with the car’s touchscreen.

Nowadays touchscreens in cars are very common but not many know the first to actually get this technology was the seventh generation Buick Riviera which came out back in 1986. Known as the "Graphic Control Center", the system used a cathode-ray tube with a green & black screen measuring 3x4.

The GCC allowed the driver to control an impressive array of settings such as trip computer, radio, climate control and it also had a diagnostic system monitor for checking the brakes, powertrain and electrical system. It also allowed the Riviera owner to verify the fuel level and see if any of the doors were opened.

A similar system was also implemented in the Buick Reatta but the hardware was dropped in 1990 after the company received complaints from owners who characterized the GCC as being onerous and distracting.

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