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It wasn't too long ago when we saw a McLaren 765LT getting burnt down to a pile of ash at a gas station in Pennsylvania. It was a harrowing sight, but another model from the British automaker has met a fiery end. This time around, it's a McLaren 570S and coincidentally, it also happened while filling up for fuel.

In a video uploaded by Royalty Exotic Cars, a supercar rental service in Las Vegas, the orange 570S was seen with a burnt rear end at a gas station, presumably within the same state.


The mid-engine supercar is barely recognizable when viewed from the rear, with the whole engine bay and rear wheels almost burnt down to a pile of ash.

There isn't much information about the 570S here. Judging by the open scissor doors, we know that the driver and passenger were able to get off as the situation went awry. In fact, the uploaded video's title on YouTube says that the driver's missing. The front end seems unharmed, though, which tells us that the situation got controlled before the fire consumed the entire vehicle.

Whatever the case was, this British sports car was wrecked and the damages definitely wouldn't buff out. While it's easy to say that there was a problem with the vehicle, supercars bursting into flames isn't always the car brands' fault. There are many reasons for this, and judging by the situation here, it seems like the incident happened while the owner's filling up fuel.

Then again, we're just glad that no one was injured in this incident, but we're pretty sure someone's bank account – be it the owner or the insurance provider – will be severely damaged.

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