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The Mercedes 300SL is probably one of the best-looking Mercedes-Benz ever. The gullwing coupe has always been a part of exquisite classic car collections, not to mention its relative rarity with only over 3,000 units ever built.

If you're like us who's fascinated with the W198 Merc, or if you actually have one in your garage right now (lucky you), then you'd be glad to know about Mercedes' latest collection of accessories, including this weathered 1:8 model scale of a 300 SL. 

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The scale model is just as cool as the classic coupe, we reckon. As you can see, it's so detailed, even coming with a weathered look – much like the perfectly detailed scale models that you can buy via the Amalgam Car Collection website.

Unsurprisingly, the Mercedes 300 SL scale model here is just as expensive as the Amalgam Collection. The 1:8 weathered model has a sticker price of 19,900 euros or around $24,000 with the current exchange rates.

If that's too much, there are smaller ones at 1:24, 1:38, and 1:43 scales, as well as pullback drive toys that only cost 7.90 euros each or around $10. The available models also span the entire SL history up to the R 231.

Apart from the scale models, other accessories are also available such as pens, clips, leather travel bag, and an exclusive driver's cap manufactured in fine leather. There are a number of other accessories you can buy – all for the love of the Mercedes SL.

Meanwhile, Stuttgart is gearing up to release the next generation of the SL, with a number of prototypes spotted. The lightweight bodyshell has also been revealed, so it's only a matter of time before the automaker officially releases the next model.

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