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If you've been our avid reader for the past year or so, you know that we love drag races. The simplicity of these straight-line races showcases many things about each contender, mostly about their power and how it's delivered to the wheels (forget handling though).

But what if the contenders aren't exactly the quickest cars on the planet? That's what we have here in this drag race staged by South Africa's Cars.

Interestingly and ironically, both contenders in this straight-line race are not cars at all. As the headline suggests, one is a bicycle, manned by the publication's resident racing driver Ashley Oldfield, who happens to be a prolific cyclist as well. According to them, he can muster 1.6 horsepower (1.2 kilowatts) of maximum power output, sent to the rear wheel.

The other is a Bajaj. Now, if you're a rider and that brand sounds familiar, that's because it's an Indian brand of motorcycles, known for its recent partnership with Triumph. Bajaj is also known to make motorcycles with more than two wheels, such as the RE which has three and this, the Bajaj Qute.

You might mistake the Bajaj Qute for a car but it's actually a "quadricycle" with a 216cc bike engine underneath the rear seats powering the rear axle. While the Qute isn't technically a car, it's one the cheapest four-wheeler you can buy in South Africa at 75,000 Rand or around $5,300 with the current exchange rates.

The Qute is certainly more powerful than the bicycle, making up to 10.8 hp (8.08 kW). But obviously, the Qute is heavier (considering that four people are aboard the tiny vehicle during the drag race).

With that said, watch the video atop this page to see how the bicycle absolutely destroyed the Bajaj Qute on this test. It was a fun one, but not so cute for the quadricycle.

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