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House buying can be a menial task but if you're a car nut with several vehicles to consider, that can be a headache.

So what's your ultimate dream house? A conservative yet nifty six-car garage under $400K? A posh and incredibly convenient trackside garage in Minnesota? Or maybe you want to splurge and go all-in for the gorgeous Aston Martin-designed home that has a 2,000-foot-long driveway?

Whichever is your choice between those three, this house for sale in Pennsylvania beats them all. Listed over at Realtor, this totally normal-looking home has a secret that petrol-heads would be delighted to have – a 25-car garage and a separate indoor, showroom-type display for your three favorites.

Gallery: House For Sale In Pennsylvania With 25-Car Garage

The house itself is nestled within a 30-acre property that houses trails for hiking, hunting, and ATV riding. It's also completely landscaped with stone-laid columns, plus it has a Koi pond and invisible dog fence.

But what will pique your interest is its 5,250 square-foot garage that can accommodate up to 25 vehicles. Yes, this is a car collector's dream, and like most car collectors, there will be favorites. In this property, three favorite cars will have a separate home inside the house. Complete with glass walls and a glass garage door at the rear, the 1,800 sq-ft area is fit to become a recreational space for you and your car-loving buddies.

If you think this massive property doesn't come cheap, well, you're right. The listing at Realtor shows a price of $1,750,000, with an estimated payment of over $7,000 a month.

Then again, if you're really in the market for this kind of property (and has a collection of cars waiting for a proper home), then that money shouldn't be an issue at all.

There are more photos of the entire house and the garage via the source link below, so make sure to visit that if you're interested.

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