To be clear, this isn't a real US-market Ram and as far as we know, there isn't anything like this in the works for stateside buyers. That said, we know we aren't the only ones scratching our heads as to why that is. The pickup truck market is evolving in the US, and Ram is on the cusp of being left behind as smaller offerings enter the scene.

This unofficial rendering comes from KDesign AG at Behance, and it's based on the recently revealed 2022 Fiat Toro. This depiction swaps in a Ram-themed grille and Ram badging to effectively create a Ram 1000 Rebel. With the Toro already known in some markets as the Ram 1000, this modest makeover is about as easy as it gets in the automotive realm. And with the Toro measuring ever-so-slightly smaller than the new Hyundai Santa Cruz, it's a perfect competitor. For that matter, it would also stack up neatly with the forthcoming Ford Maverick, and honestly, this little Ram has a cool look to boot.

Gallery: Ram 1000 Rebel Unofficial Renderings

It seems like a no-brainer, but Stellantis appears content to keep its small truck away from US buyers for now. We understand at least one reason for all of this, and it's called Ram Classic. The previous-generation Ram 1500 is still sold alongside the current full-size truck at a lower starting price. In essence, this pickup occupies the financial slot a smaller truck would fill. That doesn't account for buyers who simply want a small pickup, but a Ram 1000 could be a hard sell as long as a similarly priced Ram Classic is available. And the elderly truck will stay in Ram's lineup for at least one more year.

That said, we also suspect Stellantis executives are watching the Hyundai Santa Cruz and Ford Maverick very closely. If buyers in the States respond favorably to these compact unibody trucks, it shouldn't be difficult at all to bring the already established Fiat Toro / Ram 1000 into the fold. Either way, the next 12 months should be very interesting for truck fans in America.

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